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Charlotte has been my beloved home for over two decades, a city where my roots run deep. I wear many hats here – a devoted wife, a loving mother, and a doting grandmother. But there's more to my story than just these titles.

In 2011, I ventured into the world of real estate as a licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker, and it's been a journey filled with transforming dreams into reality ever since. Before stepping into this role, I honed my skills in the mortgage industry, gaining a valuable understanding of the financial aspects of homeownership.

When I'm not busy making dreams come true for my clients, you'll find me soaking up quality moments with my cherished family. I have a deep appreciation for the tranquility of the lake, the thrill of football games, and the adventure of travel. Life is an extraordinary journey, and I'm here to help you navigate the path to your dream home in beautiful Charlotte.


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