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What's New in Luxury Home Features

The features that make a home feel luxurious differ based on varying tastes and interests. Whether the house is equipped with the latest technology, incorporates wellness, or is focused on quiet luxury, there are many ways to incorporate the most current luxury home features. Read on to learn more about on-trend luxury home features to add to your wishlist.

Cold Plunge Pools and Infrared Saunas

Wellness tops many homeowners’ minds, and having wellness resources at home is the ultimate luxury. Cold plunge pools offer numerous health benefits. These pools have been around for many years dating back to ancient times, and have been a long-time favorite of athletes. Cold plunge pools may reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and reduce pain and stress. A cold plunge pool at home can offer these benefits without going to a facility. Aldo, infrared saunas are another wellness feature that offers similar benefits through the power of sweating.

Quiet Luxury Aesthetic

The quiet luxury aesthetic presents itself both in personal appearance and at home. Quiet luxury is an understated aesthetic. It’s muted, has exceptional quality, and lacks showy brand names and logos. In the home, quiet luxury blends new antiques and family heirlooms. It’s a welcoming space filled with luxury textures sans logos. It’s wool underfoot, cashmere throws, and a focus on unparalleled comfort with state-of-the-art modern conveniences.

Saltwater Pools

Traditionally chlorinated pools can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Replacing a chlorinated pool with a saltwater pool uses less chlorine, which is gentler on your hair, skin, eyes, and bathing suit. It also lacks the telltale smell of chlorine.

High-tech Water Filtration System

Continuing the at-home wellness focus, many hormones are replacing their existing water system with a high-tech water filtration system. This type of system thoroughly removes potentially harmful chemicals in tap water and reduces the need for plastic water bottles.

Blending the Indoors and Outdoors

Unifying the indoors and outdoors can create a resort-like feel at home. Floor-to-ceiling windows highlight your exterior scenery and can make you feel like you’re outdoors while you retreat indoors. If you live in a location where your exterior landscape is the ocean, a lake, mountains, or rolling acreage, highlighting the exterior is the ultimate focal point and serves as priceless artwork.

Massage Room

While home gyms, yoga studios, and meditation spaces are an amenity in many luxury homes, massage rooms are beginning to make their mark. Homeowners who seek additional relaxation and zen can benefit from bringing massages home by designing a massage room where a masseuse can come to you.

Electric Car Charging Station

Eco-friendly home features have become prevalent in many homes over the last decade. Electric car charging stations are one of the latest features in many luxury homes. These charging pumps are in garages so homeowners can charge their electric cars overnight.

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